Friday, January 18, 2008

I Am A...


Yeah, Idlewild, from way back when they first started.
Now, I just realised something about this song.
Idlewild are a Scots band.
In Scots "message" means shopping or errands, as in
"I'm just off to Tesco to pick up my messages"
"Did you get your messages?"
(it's still commonly used, by the way)
So, when Idlewild sing "I am a message" along with the other lyric from the song about "selling your soul", they're singing about the commodification of music and giving out to "The Man", no?
(shame they did sell out eventually - their souls died along with it possibly)


steenbeck said...

Nice blog, Blimpy. I've thought since I started reading RR you could do something like this to help the less-enlightened. I saw Idlewild at a very small venue in 2001. I thought Roddy Woomble was going to ask me for a cigarette, but he asked the bartender instead.

Just started getting the RROS comments in my inbox, a shock at first, but I figured it out eventually. Thanks.

Blimpy McFlah said...

Hi steen,

thanks for visiting, i decided that after starting the RROS blog, that's it's quite an easy thing to do and that I should do my own one (as I've always been threatening to do) - it's easy to copy and paste html. There probably wont be anything on here that I won't post on RROS.

`i saw idlewild a lot, when i lived in edinburgh (as they're based there) - used to bump into them all the time in pubs etc (mainly their old bassist) , often enough to talk to in that scots-boozer-everyone's-in-it-together type fashion.

If you want the comments to stop being emailed to you, it is possible.

steenbeck said...

No, it's fine. I like it. Saves me having to go through every post seeing what's new.

steenbeck said...
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Blimpy McFlah said...

jolly good!